How to scan Coles Mini Gift Card? 

How to scan Coles Mini Gift Card? 

Ever since the Coles was established in 1914, they were working on building a solid foundation of business and providing the best service to the customers. Due to their dedicated hard work, now they are running hundreds of supermarkets all over the world. More than 800 supermarkets, including several, now rebranded BI-LO Supermarkets. 

About Mini Gift Card

You can’t even imagine how valuable a mini gift card maybe if you get a Coles Gift card. You scan the QR  code using your mobile phone very easily. If you are lucky you can get exciting prices which are more valuable than you can imagine. The prizes include up to one million points, TVs,  espresso machines and much more. Even the cheap products are distributed among the hunters on social media. Isn’t it great? The company indeed tries every way to make the customers happy. If you want to buy a mini Gift card, collect it as soon as the company makes the announcement. Participation is more important, because who knows you may get the first prize this time. 

How to Scan Coles Mini Gift Card? 

  • Gift cards may be purchased both online and offline. 
  • You have to make an account on the official website of the Coles. 
  • When the company will think that the Little Shop 2 collection is almost completed, a mini card is announced.
  • Next keep an eye on the website, for new announcements. 
  • As soon as new announcements are made, apply for a mini gift card directly from your account. 
  • You have to add your postal address, where the cards may be sent. 
  • Within a given time the cards may be received. 
  • Open the card and flip it to the back. You will notice a QR code.  Scan it using the scanner on your mobile phone. 
  • Open the link and see if you got any exciting gifts. 

Haven’t you received the post yet? Don’t worry, you have to report your problem on the official website of MyColes or make a direct call to the concerned authority. The post may be delayed for some inconvenience but they must reach up to your doorstep. 

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