How to get a Mycoles Card ?

Coles is a reputed Australian company that has a comprehensive business across the country. The supermarkets are very famous everywhere due to their high-quality products and the good service that it provides. You can shop online from the company anytime.

About Mycoles

Mycoles is the portal for the employees working in Coles. Through this, each employee can get their requirements and offers. It is incredibly helpful for both the company as well as the employees. You get a discount card once you join the coles company. After being the employee, you will be given the mycoles Team member number using which you get the card. You need to use the card in every online process. 

Steps to get Mycoles Discount Card

To get the discount card, you need to have the mycoles card with the login details.

  1. From the official webpage, log in to the mycoles account.
  2. Give the required information.
  3. You also get a unique digit which you need to use there.
  4. While logging in, if you face any issue, use the mycoles card to get the details printed on the back of it.
  5. In case you won’t get the password or can’t remember it contact the helpline number provided below.

Where can you use a MyColes discount Card?

Mycoles discount cards are used for shipping purposes. It gives you specific discounts on specific products as mentioned. These offers are only for the mycoles users that are the employees of the company. A separate discount card for the Coles company has been issued using which the customers also get various discounts and amazing offers after shopping with Coles supermarkets and other Coles products. 

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