Customer finds Coles Hidden Message

Are you a customer of the Coles? Then you may have noticed a strange message at the bottom of your products. It is spotted on the new products released from the company if you are curious about how and what some of the people noticed this strange message then keep reading. 

A Shopper, Emily, posted an image on her Facebook page to gather people’s attention. When she was going through the details of the cleaning product she brought from the company; she found a cheeky comment on the bottom of every bottle. Isn’t it strange? Maybe you can find these comments on the latest version of the products produced by the company. This cannot be considered as a careless or straightforward job by the workers because other customers also found these comments.

There are several customers like, Aussie mum, who found such hidden messages on a popular cleaning product. Thereby she uploaded it to her social media. Quite naturally, it became viral all over the web. 

In some packaging, you may find several kinds of lovely comments at the bottom of the product. “Stop staring at my bottom” and “Let me do your dirty work” are one of a kind. These messages don’t hurt anybody’s sentiment. Instead arose a smile on his or her face every time they read these comments when turning the bottle upside-down. 

Another mum who cleans found another message said, “Just got out of my warm bed to check in my bathroom.” 

List of Coles Hidden Message

It is the top trend on social media to upload the comments one finds at the bottom of the product. It is said that almost everybody received different comments on their products. “My bottle says ‘Clean like a mother,” ha!” is one of such kinds. These funny comments lighten up the mood and allow you to share your experiences in social media by uploading it from time to time. Here are a few more of such comments found :

  • “There’s no junk in my trunk.”
  • “Let’s clean naked, baby.”
  • “What’s your sign, gorgeous?”
  • “Give clean a chance.”
  • “Take me to your leader.”
  • “If you can dish it, we can take it.”
  • “You’re cute when you squint.”

Besides this in MyColes there a lot of similar quotes found. Do let us know in the comment section if you find any at your side.

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