Coles Shopper Issue Warning 

Often Coles Group launches new products without any major problem. However, sometimes the workers may overlook the underlying problem and sell it without rectifying it.  After all, they are human and mistakes may be committed. One of such mistakes was reported recently against Coles Group about their product on social media. A Coles customer has issued a warning after a frightening experience with a recent purchase. 

Coles Issue Warnings Details

Let’s start the report from its beginning.  The ACT shopper brought a Smash brand of food flask from the above-mentioned company. She filled the flask with vegetables and mac and cheese. And closed the lid. She opened the flask after 48 hours or more. Shockingly she could only see some flying bullets which shot her kitchen window shattering it into pieces. However, she clicked some images and claimed that the product damaged her glass window and whose glass pieces flew up to 5 meters ahead. 

She uploaded the images with a note written on her Facebook account “Warning to anyone who bought the aptly branded ‘Smash’ food flasks that we’re on sale last week”. 

In short, the shopper complained about the Smash brand of food flask becoming a “pressure bomb” when it is open after 2 days.  That product led to an accident and broke one of the glass windows in her kitchen. She shared images of her broken window. She claimed that pieces of glass from the window flew up to five meters beyond the window. 


This report was granted as she had concrete proof that the product caused huge damage in her kitchen. MyColes and Smash are investigating the matter. We will come to know sooner or later if her report was fake or really the product had any problem after the investigation ends. To know more details stay tuned. If the company found guilty, the company may be responsible for their act of negligence else if the shopper is found guilty, she will have to undergo judicial procedures. 


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