Mycoles Employees Criteria 

MyColes, the portal that belongs to Coles company, is a 24/7 accessible site. It is a common platform where we all can meet. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, customer, or service provider. As it has a joint base, several people for different reasons visit the website. The company takes every care to look into everyone’s matter and their needs. Visit this website to learn more about this portal. 

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Can you use your Coles Discount Card at Officeworks? 

MyColes offer discounts on your weekly grocery shop.  Besides, you also get a coles discount using the coles discount card at Officeworks. The Coles discount card can be used at Coles supermarkets, Coles market, Coles express, liquor stores, Kmart, Liquorland, and Target. You also find some Coles gift cards issued by the company using which … Read more

How to Reset MyColes Username and Password

MyColes has been introduced for the benefit of the Coles Group employees. Where employees can check my work, payslips, my hours through, team members, through simple and necessary steps as portal instructions, one can reach to the things they need in minimum time. Employees can receive their payslip through the mail.  One can find more perks after logins, such as the employee’s schedule, assigned task, progress in payroll, and many more. 

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Coles Employee Training

Mycoles, the portal of the company Coles, has proven to be beneficial support for the employees of the company. Now they are allowed to check the payslips, mywork, myhour and other details like a seasonal bonus, pay summary, leave report; all by themselves. If you want to join Coles, the first training is important. If you can satisfy their needs they will hire you as an employee in their company. 

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